Company Logo design meaning:

The logo is composed of the letter "Z" and "D" with square design£¬likean unbreakable walls, stable, firm ,providing a sense of security; Dark ruby colour, reflects the strong sense of visual jumping, honourable, mplacating Zhouda position in the home kitchen appliances field
Therefore, we hope,every user can personally feel Zhouda precision crafted design.

Z stands for “Zhou”£¬which means company prospect is vast and boundless£»D stands for “Da”£¬means future path convenient The abstraction of the closure design,makes the whole logo full of expression, which can be infinitely expanded and full of vitality,it informs Zhouda layout in China, radiation world

The shape of the logo as water flow into the river after all, informs Zhouda Convergence, integration of resources, to share the success and to seek a win-win business philosophy and strong sense of responsibility as a corporate citizen, highlight Zhouda core value system.

Meanwhile£¬logo design like an eye looking around,the height of eye, decided the future achievement,Zhouda will be through continuous innovation, unremitting efforts to send more high quality products to every consumers,to show a wide world for users at home and abroad.

Zhouda will create a more colorful life for you, While enjoying today, more focuson future which is full of dreams and expect.

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